Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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About 5 years ago I got my hands on my first liquid eyeliner. It looked great on other people and I said to myself "what a piece of cake"..i couldn't have been more wrong!
I started applying it and it looked awful..on one eye the line was thinner and on the other one thicker and don't get me started on the cat eye ahaha !
So being in such a desperate situation I decided it was time for some online help.
I started typing "liquid eyeliner" in the life saving google bar and one of Michelle Phan' s video appeared. Until that moment I hadn't watched a beauty tutorial so I clicked it..and that's how my online adventure with vlogging and blogging has started.
Here is the link to my first ever seen beauty tutorial

And after I discovered the amazing world of Youtube there was no coming back for me! I'm now subscribed to so many beauty gurus and I enjoy watching their videos and finding out about new products and makeup techniques.
Today I switched to gel eyeliner and I can say that I'm getting pretty good at it *blushing*.

I think this (the above video) is one of Michelle's first videos. Now she has grown so much. She has almost 5M subscribers (!!!) and she recently launched her own makeup line EM.
It's so nice to see how things work out for people and how their dreams come true. This definitely
encourages me to continue dreaming big !

Have you ever watched a beauty tutorial? And if so, who is your favorite beauty guru? 
Thank you for reading !
Keep dreaming 
Love you - Anreea


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