Saturday, January 4, 2014

Floppy hats !

During fall I was into beanies and don't get me wrong, I still love my beanies. Actually I just bought myself a new one. But, recently I my heart was stolen by hats. Big voluminous floppy hats. 
One of the reasons might be the fact that the weather here is not that cold and I think I can still rock a hat without losing my ears in the wind haha.
What I like the most about hats must be the fact that they are pretty much the opposite of beanies. What I'm trying to say is that beanies are more on the fun and youthful side when hats are more mature, chic and glam.

I found this ones at H&M for a really great price and I'm considering buying them ASAP. 
Do you like hats for this season? 

Thank you for reading! 
xx Anreea

2014 Resolutions !

It is that time of the year once again. Everybody's making resolutions and they're hoping for the best. So why not try it myself  ^_^ 

Dear Anreea, this year is time for you to:

  • Get fit. I know, it's like a cliche already but it's something I fell ready and determined to do. I am not going to go to the gym because, knowing myself, that would be just a waste of money. But, instead, I've already started working out at home. Day 4 and I can already fell my sore legs..ouh :(
  • Stop procrastinating. Dear Internet, you have to let me study and work out, I mean it! 
  • Travel. This year I want to visit more of my country and also I want to travel by plane to places like Paris, Italy, England, Germany, Austria..who am I kidding I want to visit the whole globe ! But since it's a bit too much, for 2014 I just want to visit one or two foreign countries.
  • Organize, plan, make lists. I want to have notebooks with schedules..that also means that I want to have more activities. 
  • Blog more. I enjoy so much blogging, it makes me fell a little like Carry Bradshaw.
  • Adventure a little more. I've always been a dutiful child, but now, since I'm a grown up I think it's time to start enjoying my life and live the adventure, (FunForLouis) .

This is just the tip of the iceberg..I want to accomplish so much in my life but let's first see how am I going to stick to this ones for now !
What are your goals for 2014?

Thank you for reading!
xx Anreea

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 everyoneee! uhuuu we've made it to a new year!
Hope you had an awesome time during this holiday and that Santa was a lovely old man haha.

Thinking back to what 2013 brought me, a big smile comes to my face.
I can say that I had a great year. A lot has happened to me, things that had made me grow more as a person.

At the begging of the year, January 13th, in my life came Lara, my beloved dog. She is now the sunshine of my life and I love her lots!

I also got to travel a lot. In March, I visited Babele, here in Romania (here you have some of the Wikipedia wisdom haha "Babele is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The name comes from some mushroom shaped rock formations, the result of erosion and varying hardness of the rock layers.")

In May I went to Sweden! Oh yeah, all by myself for the first time in a plane.. all the way to Sweden (brave girl alert hahaha) It was the most awesome experience. I am so proud of myself for taking this opportunity. Sweden was great, loved everything about it. Maybe I'll do a blog post later where I will share more about my experience.

During the summer holiday I went multiple times to Ardeal, another lovely place here in Romania. And also, in Ardeal, at the end of the summer, my cousin got married uhu :)
We cannot forget another important moment which is the 8.19, the day when I started my BLOG <3
And during August, I got my braces. Mhm not so excited about this one..but it's almost time to take it off so yeah.

In September was my birthday, I'm 21 now!

In October I started my second year of Uni and been extremely busy since :(

Well this was my 2013..what a great year. I'm so grateful for everything in my life and for everything that has happened to me this year. Cannot wait to see what 2014 has prepared for me next!

Hope you'll have a great year!
Thank you for reading
xx Anreea <3