Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas movies

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmaaas! Well..maybe because it's almost Christmas haha. I freakin' looooove Christmas and everything that has to do with it; carols, movies, decorating the tree, presents, eating lots of yummy food and drinking hot chocolate in cute christmassy mugs.

Every night I watch a Christmas movie alone or with my dog. A cute list of my favorites movies is now coming to your way ^_^

  • Home Alone 

Everybody know about the adventures of little Kevin. I watch this movie every year it's like a personal tradition and I still love it and lough lots even though I'm 21 #sorrynotevensorry :))
I only like 1 and 2, my favorite being Home Alone 2 Lost in NY <3

  •  It's a wonderful life

About this movie I like the fact that it remembers us about what really Christmas is and how we should appreciate our lives and families.

  • Mickey's Christmas Carol or A Christmas Carol

Not much to say here. Disney, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Christmas = perfect combination for me Love Love Love 

  • Elf 

I saw this a few days ago and I've really liked it. A baby raised by Papa Elf at North Pole? uhmm can I go please?? It's a very funny movie and it gives you some rather interesting ideas for house decor :))

  • How Grinch stole Chrismas

Last night was the Grinch night. This is such a funny and also a bit emotional movie. Cindy Lou Who fan over here, a brave girl with a cute hair style :)) 

I'm such a little baby when it comes to Christmas! There are only a few nights till The Big Day and I'm in need of festive movies so if you have any suggestions pretty please leave them in a comment. Love you lots!

Thank you for reading!
xx Anreea

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  1. Home Alone e de departe filmul meu preferat pentru Craciun, il revad cu aceeasi placere de fiecare data