Saturday, September 13, 2014

I found my love at Zara store

Like every girl in town, I can consider myself a little shoeaholic. It's a struggle to hold myself from buying more shoes. I already have enough and believe me, I can hardly find places to store them in my small student apartment. 

Being a student and always having to walk by foot, I found that Converse are my best friends. High or low, black, white, blue..doesn't matter, love them all!

But even so, mama needs some heels in her life..

I've been on a hunt for the perfect pair of sandals for a while now. It's pretty hard to find THE pair of sandals. I wanted one that won't cut off my leg, won't show too much of my foot (I have a thing with that), have a high heel, cuz I like being tall and most important be comfortable.

Luckily for me, the other day, while browsing trough Zara's online store, I found them. Needless to say that I immediately grabbed my bag and run to my local mall, found them and BOUGHT them!!! Oh the excitement :)

Imagine 2 din SANDALE PLATFORMÄ‚ CATARAMÄ‚ de pe Zara

They have a 13 cm heel, and because it's so chunky, they are extremely comfortable. The price is also really great, 49.95 EURO.

Thank you for reading!
xx Anreea

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